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Thank you to Shelley for sharing how she felt on Instagram and letting me share on the blog. 

Do I look okay?

I hate my love handles.

Does my belly look flat? 

I hate my stomach. 

Is this too much for me to post? 

I hate my face shape. 

Oh no I can't post this I have rolls. 


These were all the thoughts running through my head whilst taking these photos - I volunteered to do a photoshoot for this beautiful lingerie business - the owner of Irresistible Gift Boutique Claire cannot do her normal photoshoots due to Covid so asked for volunteers  for models of all different sizes & ages & from all different walks of life. This is the most important time to support small businesses so I volunteered and thought it's time to push myself to be uncomfortable to become comfortable. 

Not going to lie when I first got ready to take the photos this morning I was not feeling confident at all. A few years ago I would of worked out everyday, tracked my macros & would of made it my goal to look and feel my best for this shoot. The last couple of years or so I have stopped tracking macros & work out when I feel like it not because I feel like I have to, to look a certain way to be accepted. 

I looked in the mirror & I didn't like what I saw. Then I remembered the purpose of this & the message behind this and how hard I've worked over the years to learn to love myself. We are enough as we are. Despite all our flaws we need to love ourselves and our bodies. They serve us so much purpose & we cannot flourish with negative talk and thoughts towards ourselves. I remembered the message behind @irresistiblegiftboutique which is to empower women & set an example to love who we are and be confident despite what we consider our imperfections. So I gave myself a talking to & that's exactly what I did. 

We are enough, flaws and all 💖 let's share some love & positivity. 


Thank you Shelley for sharing how you feel and I'm sure you will inspire others to talk to themselves more kindly. We can be so harsh to our bodies when they do so much for us. We have been conditioned to think we are not good enough if we don't look a certain way. We are perfect exactly as we are. Thank you for having the courage to model for us and sharing your experience from the heart : )

Shelley Blog Post

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