Self-worth - How do you find it and hang on to it?

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How many women do you know who are incredible people just because of who they are? And yet they are they constantly striving to be better because they never feel good enough or they look for outside validation from partners, social media, their job, or other people's opinions of them, to value their worth.

I bet you know a few and maybe you feel that way sometimes too. 

I know I do.

How do we find our own sense of self-worth and hang on to it, when we are being conditioned to live our lives through outside validation of likes, comments and social media followers.

How can we maintain a sense of peace that we are enough, exactly as we are without the need to do or be anything different.

When I can feel myself going down that slippery slope of beating myself up that I'm not good enough from all the pressure constantly surrounding us, I try to remember these 7 things...

  • Self-worth is already inside you. You don't actually need to find it. You just need to remember how to access it.
  • You were born good enough. You are worthy of love from the day you are born. You have nothing to prove to yourself or anyone else. 
  • Before you start the day and get swallowed up with everyone else's expectations of you. Take a few minutes to close your eyes and centre yourself. Listening to a meditation might help or just connecting to that quiet part of you. Your intuition. The voice inside of us that guides us if we get quiet enough to listen. The voice that knows you are enough exactly as you are.
  • Your thoughts are very powerful, if you are constantly telling yourself that you are not good enough you will believe yourself. Change the conversation in your head. Be your own best friend.
  • Maybe repeat the following statement as a daily reminder. "I am worthy. I don't have to be anything different than who I am already."
  • Being loved by others does not define your self worth. You need to love yourself first. 
  • How can you show yourself compassion today? How can you be kind to yourself?


How do you keep your self-worth high when the pressures of life can sometimes make it challenging? Leave a comment below and let us know... 


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